Rule 1: Posting on the administrator's blog is unacceptable, unless an emergancy. (Firsts a Warning, next is a 24 hour ban, then an admin after that can make a ban time longer, I mean after 24 hour ban, the admins chose.)

Rule 2: Spamming Pages set up for your convenience is not permitted, failure to do so may result in Perm ban (Depending on how strict the admin is)

Rule 3: Swearing, acronyms (E.g Lol, Rofl) are disregarded as words, please pick up a dictionary to be able to proceed! (Damn, hell, crap, bloody and piss are acceptable)

Rule 4: Never abuse an admin, bureaucrat, moderator, or you will be perm banned, no questions asked.

Rule 5: If you believe someone is abusing/being a abused to/by an admin report it directly to the owner, not another admin (Unless I am unavailable, contact an admin who is not the one in question, proof must be presented)

Rule 6: No hacking, if you've been hacked report to me with proof (unless its pretty damn obvious...)

Forum Rules: Rule 1: No, swearing, but this time feel free to use acronyms (Damn, hell, crap, bloody and piss are acceptable) Rule 2: No flaming/ spamming, or an admin may come round your house and...Just joking, an admin may ban you. Rule 3: Blasphemy is inexcusable, unless your saying: Oh my god, or what you believe in, oh and bloody hell, if these offend you/your religion, please contact us straight away, we can tell if your lying. Rule 4: You may create Club Penguin gangs and organizations (Which are encouraged), but no armies. Rule 5: Promoting other sites is instantly ban-able, unless you are promoting an affiliated website. (One we have ties to or it is a non-profit website.)

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