PSA Mission File Summaries[edit | edit source]

The Case of The Missing Puffles[edit | edit source]

News Reporter, Aunt Arctic, reported that her Puffles had mysteriously vanished, one of the PSA's top agents was sent to track them down.

G's Secret Mission[edit | edit source]

Agent G sent a top agent out to test out a new invention, but everything went horribly wrong...

The Case of The Missing Coins[edit | edit source]

The gift shop's coins were "Missing" according to Agent Rookie, but of course they were just hiding in an obvious spot...

Avalanche Rescue[edit | edit source]

An avalanche! Penguins had been trapped and can't get up, time for our agent to put his skills to the test.

Secret of the Fur[edit | edit source]

Fur had been spotted around the entire island, its time to find out why.

Questions For a Crab[edit | edit source]

It seemed just like a normal interrogation, until Klutzy the crab escapes and causes havoc around the island...

Clockwork Repairs[edit | edit source]

The town clock's Gears had been stolen! Find them and repair the clock.

Mysterious Tremors[edit | edit source]

Our old friend Herbert is up to no good again, this time, the island is at steak! (Even though Herbert is a Veggie!)

Operation Spy and Seek[edit | edit source]

At last! Here is our chance to find out where Herbert is once and for all, right?

Waddle Squad[edit | edit source]

At last! We are going to catch that beast once and for all, no complications?

Veggie Villan[edit | edit source]

R.I.P PSA Born: Since The Start of CP Death: 2010 Cause of Death: Popcorn bomb

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