Elite Gear on EPF spy Phone

Elite gear is a uniform for EPF agents.To 'buy' it you will need to complete one Field-Op to get a medal. Use the medal to 'buy'it.

As the following:

Starter Gear
Item Medal Member?
EPF Earpiece 1 No

Basic Set Delta

Item Medal Member?
Delta Fedora 2 Yes
Delta Shades 1 Yes
Delta Suit 4 Yes
Delta Sneaks 3


Basic Set Alpha(Girls)
Item Medal Member
The Alpha 2 Yes
Alpha Shades 1 Yes
Alpha Suit 4 Yes
Alpha Pumps 3 Yes

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It is not possible to get ALL the clothing at the moment. Acekingford (AKA Stone Dialga) Just needs the Delta Suit Blazer!

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