'Cart Surfer' is a Club Penguin game playable on Club Penguin and Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force(DS)

It uses arrow keys (↑↓→←) and the space bar to play. This is a list:

No Score
Trick Keys
Jump (Space)
Surf (↑)or(↓)

With Score
Trick Score Keys
Turn 10 (→)or(←)
Surf Jump 10,20 (↑),(space)
Wheelie 15,30 (space),(↓)
Surf Turn 15-60 (↑),(→)or(←)
Rail Grind 20-80 (↓),(→)or(←)
Free-as-a-bird 25,50 (space),(↑)
Air Twist 40,80 (space),(→)or(←)
Hand Stand 40,80 (↑),(↑)
Run on rails 40,80 (↓),(↓)
Back Flip 50,100 (↓),(space)

Coin Earning Tips[edit | edit source]

The most efficient way to get coins on Cart Surfer is to alternate the Back flip and the 80 points.They are Air Twist, Hand Stand or Run on Rails: a 100 scoring stunt and any of the 80 scoring ones. Rail Grind is the highest scoring stunt for the turns. It also helps to crash a few times near the end, which gives the player more time to do tricks. When you lose a life you get the chance to get in about 2-3 moves in before the next turn so use your lives well and you can get an extra 540-840 points in cart surfer.

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • If you wear lime green, you can have more time to do tricks.
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